How to run a smooth board meeting Roanoke VAGood governance of your medical practice is extremely important, and board meetings are Good governance of your medical practice is extremely important, and board meetings are the heart of this work. Do your board meetings need strengthening?  Check out some of these warning signs:

#1: Your meetings are chaotic and unproductive.

A strong board that makes good governance decisions has productive, well-organized meetings. If your meetings start late, frequently devolve into unrelated discussions, or have unclear agendas, take steps to improve your meetings. Start by establishing ground rules for all participants. Focus on behaviors (like side conversations, late arrivals, and interruptions) that participants would like to see changed.

#2: Nobody is in charge.

If nobody is in charge of your board meetings, they can quickly get off track. Appoint a meeting manager to hold people accountable and remind everyone of the ground rules. The meeting manager could be the president of the board, but it doesn’t have to be. Choose the person who is best suited for this important job.

#3: A few people dominate decision making.

If your decisions are frequently dominated by a few loud voices, you’re probably not making the best decisions. Secret ballots help solve this problem by making sure everybody has an equal voice. The meeting manager can help facilitate this process to keep the process on track.

#4: Board members don’t support board decisions.

In order for boards to govern effectively, all members need to support the board’s decisions. If board members have trouble supporting decisions they personally do not agree with, work on improving trust and buy-in. Discuss disagreements openly so that all members feel comfortable supporting the ultimate outcome, even if they don’t personally agree with it.

No matter what challenges your board faces, our expertise can help your meetings run smoothly and make your board stronger. Contact us today to learn more about our services for board meetings and members.