Anesthesia Associates of Augusta

financial planning for medical practices


Anesthesia Associates of Augusta lacked clear communication and cooperation with their management/billing company. They also felt lost in the face of impending regulation and compliance issues.

Eggleston & Eggleston assisted them by keeping them abreast of industry standards; providing a specific and detailed plan that allowed them to remain independent, assisting them in the communication process; and providing them with an efficient and effective billing and management services.


The physicians felt there was a lack of clear communication and cooperation with their management/billing company; poor contract negotiation; and a lack of guidance in the face of impending regulation and compliance issues.

They felt behind the curve regarding industry trends and standards; uncertain about their strategy to remain independent and sustainable; absent of a strong, consistent and effective voice related to their relationship with hospital administration; and an uncertainty as to the effectiveness of their previous management and billing practices.


After an assessment of the practice’s management, billing and compliance systems, Eggleston & Eggleston developed a comprehensive plan of action to address the array of issues hindering the practice, including issues preventing the practice from growing. Together with E &E, the physicians discussed parts of their practice structure and philosophy that they wanted to preserve, and they identified the inefficient and dysfunctional elements. Through this collaborative effort, the practice was able to implement Eggleston & Eggleston’s plan of action, as adapted for their practice. The transition was remarkably smooth, and the plan is easy to fine-tune whenever needed.



The practice has experienced a “night-and-day difference”. Communication has been their biggest improvement. For the first time, the practice feels as though they know where they stand with compliance, billing and collections, and the health of their practice. They are finally able to clearly understand their finances. Their contracts have improved greatly and they are seeing a much more efficient billing and collections process.

With E & E, we have greatly improved our practice. I feel that we have gone from a loosely organized group with opaque, poorly run billing and collections, to a well organized, efficient, sustainable practice. This has given us tremendous peace of mind. We didn’t know what we were missing, and now we only regret that we didn’t switch to E & E earlier.”

D. Sanders, MD ~ Anesthesiologist