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Dr. Mark Taylor was interested in starting a new medical practice.  He dreamed of opening and growing a practice that would become the best family medical practice in his area. With limited knowledge of how to start a new business, the thought of dealing with all that is required was overwhelming. He realized he needed the help of a professional. Like many doctors who have decided to start their own business, he contacted Eggleston & Eggleston for guidance.


The process for those seeking to start their own private practice has grown more difficult in recent years. Dr. Taylor felt overwhelmed by the many steps and regulatory requirements involved in establishing a new practice. He acknowledged that he lacked business and management experience and was afraid this would take away from his strong clinical skills and commitment to delivering quality patient care.

He had many concerns including billing, taxes, payroll, human resources, personnel management, negotiating contracts with CMS and insurance carriers, and the day-to-day operations.


Eggleston & Eggleston presented a clear and comprehensive business start-up plan based on Dr. Taylor’s professional and personal priorities. Eggleston & Eggleston designed a realistic timeline with manageable steps to move him toward his goal. Eggleston & Eggleston was able to convey to Dr. Taylor a big picture view of his future practice while implementing the day-to-day operations of the practice. Through the use of a comprehensive business start-up plan, Dr. Taylor was able to see the progress being made, allowing him to feel confident that he had obtained the professional support he needed.

Any challenges during the implementation process were met with enthusiasm and encouragement. Rich Eggleston and his team worked relentlessly to provide solutions at every turn. The practice always felt supported and secure knowing they could rely on the expertise and knowledge of Rich and his team.



When Eggleston & Eggleston started working with Dr. Taylor, his goal was to open his own medical practice. This goal was quickly accomplished, and Dr. Taylor opened his doors with one physician, one nurse and one front office employee. Thanks to Eggleston & Eggleston’s ongoing medical practice management services, the practice was able to move to a larger office to better serve their patients, and their team has grown to add a physician assistant, two nurses, two front office staff, as well as a full time lab technician.

Because Eggleston & Eggleston provided a realistic and manageable timeline, the practice was able to stay on schedule. The practice now feels confident in their day-to-day operations. The medical staff and office staff have peace of mind knowing that things are running smoothly. By serving as a constant guide through the start-up process and through working with them every step of the way, Eggleston & Eggleston helped the practice overcome many challenges and build a solid foundation for its future.

Rich and his team are experienced, energetic, and enthusiastic. The only way that anyone can truly succeed in today’s world of medicine is to have someone like Rich who is an expert in the field. I give my absolute highest recommendation and respect to Eggleston & Eggleston!”

– Mark Taylor, MD ~ Family Medicine

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