Roanoke Neurological Associates


Roanoke Neurological Associates has served the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas for over 40 years. They specialize in providing medical care to patients with neurological disorders. In 2010 they became a one-physician private practice. They struggled transitioning from a six-physician practice to a one-physician practice as the overhead did not reduce with the physician reduction. While the group remained with in-house management for four years, the problems increased to what seemed like a point of no return. Eggleston & Eggleston stepped in to evaluate the situation, and they promptly began to renegotiate contracts, close unprofitable divisions, negotiate with creditors, reduce staffing, and transition the billing operation to to their medical practice management firm. The results stopped the decline of the practice, and they provided hope for a bright future.


Dr. Burch was facing a variety of challenges that were keeping his practice from achieving its fullest potential. Significant overhead costs, deficiencies in managerial leadership and declining staff morale were causing struggle. Their infusion center was also contributing to their difficulties. It was clear that a dramatic change and encouragement was necessary for operational and financial survival of the practice.


Eggleston & Eggleston provided a comprehensive statement of services and helped the practice understand each step, including an immediate need to streamline staffing. They provided clear guidance and allotment of time for each phase of their recommendations.  Thanks to a highly organized and proactive approach, review of comprehensive reports, realistic planning, and management of expectations, Dr. Burch’s practice was able to see great improvement in all areas of concern.



After working with Eggleston & Eggleston, the practice began to operate more efficiently and effectively resulting in a happier office environment, improved patient interactions and an increase in collection percentages. Billing and collection turnaround time also improved.

Dr. Burch now feels confident in planning for the practice’s future.

It gives me great peace of mind that knowing that Eggleston & Eggleston will care for the business and let me care for the patients. Our practice has improved in so many ways thanks to Rich Eggleston and his team!”

– J. Gordon Burch, MD ~ Neurologist