medical billing management
Best practices in medical billing reduce turnaround time for collecting money, enhance medical coding efficiency and increase insurance claim approvals. To accomplish this, Eggleston & Eggleston suggests you choose wisely when considering an outsourced medical billing partner to help your practice incorporate billing innovations.

Job Requirements of a Medical Biller 

According to source, both physicians and in-house medical billers tend to accurately grasp the standard responsibilities of medical billers:

  • Enter patient information into an EHR/EMR software program.
  • Enter CPT and ICD-10 codes from the superbill into patient’s record.
  • Electronically send claims to insurance providers.
  • Receive an audit report; review and correct errors; and resubmit rejected claims.
  • Post payments to patient accounts.
  • Review each patient account to discern which bills have not been paid on time.
  • If delinquent claims are discovered, call insurance providers to follow through.
  • Repeat above steps each business day.

Evaluating a Qualified Outsourced Medical Billing Partner 

By reviewing each step in your practice’s billing procedures, then instituting process improvements for each task, a good outsourced medical billing service can help your practice reduce the number of unpaid bills over 120 days. Your billing partner must also devise strategies to effect recommended changes and efficiently communicate them to your practice manager and the appropriate physician.

To evaluate a potential medical billing partner, you may ask:

  • Is this billing service looking for ways to increase productivity and profitability?
  • Is this service continually reviewing my staff’s — and its own staff’s — performance standards?
  • How frequently is this outsourced billing company providing me with useful recommendations to improve my practice’s processes?
  • Is this company’s staff willing to help train my staff should problems arise after feedback is provided to my office?
  • Does this billing oversight service understand and keep abreast of billing challenges (such as coding issues and insurance changes) unique to my specialty?

The best outsourced billing partners routinely review procedures to improve billing, payment and records keeping. They make sure they have extra materials available for training, staff prepared to answer questions from your office staff, and they perform best practices comparisons.

You can expect outsourced billing best-practices consultants to understand and promote your desire to increase your medical practice’s profitability and efficiency. They should demonstrate continuous careful oversight and render scheduled, readily applicable feedback. 

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