Case Studies

Outdated practices replaced to create a well-organized, efficient, and sustainable practice.

The practice has experienced a “night-and-day difference”. For the first time, the practice feels as though they know where they stand with compliance, billing and collections, and the health of their practice. 


Anesthesia Associates of Augusta lacked clear communication and cooperation with their management/billing company. They also felt lost in the face of impending regulation and compliance issues.

They felt behind the curve regarding industry trends and standards; uncertain about their strategy to remain independent and sustainable; absent of a strong, consistent and effective voice related to their relationship with hospital administration; and an uncertainty as to the effectiveness of their previous management and billing practices.

Eggleston & Eggleston assisted them by keeping them abreast of industry standards; providing a specific and detailed plan that allowed them to remain independent; assisting them in the communication process; and providing them with efficient and effective billing and management services.

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Practice start-up client gains confidence and skills to open a practice with expert support and encouragement.

By serving as a constant guide through the start-up process and through working with them every step of the way, Eggleston & Eggleston helped the practice overcome many challenges and build a solid foundation for its future.


Dr. Mark Taylor was interested in starting a new medical practice.  He dreamed of opening and growing a practice that would become the best family medical practice in his area. With limited knowledge of how to start a new business, the thought of dealing with all that is required was overwhelming. He realized he needed the help of a professional. Like many doctors who have decided to start their own business, he contacted Eggleston & Eggleston for guidance.

The process for those seeking to start their own private practice has grown more difficult in recent years. Dr. Taylor felt overwhelmed by the many steps and regulatory requirements involved in establishing a new practice. He acknowledged that he lacked business and management experience, and was afraid this would take away from his strong clinical skills and commitment to delivering quality patient care.

He realized he needed the help of a professional. Like many doctors who have decided to start their own business, he contacted Eggleston & Eggleston for guidance.

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Transitioning practice finds hope for a bright future.

The practice is now operating more efficiently and accurately resulting in a happier office environment, improved patient interactions and an increase in collection percentages.


rnaRoanoke Neurological Associates has served the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas for over 40 years. They specialize in providing medical care to patients with neurological disorders. In 2010 they became a one-physician private practice. They struggled transitioning from a six-physician practice to a one-physician practice as the overhead did not reduce with the physician reduction. 

Dr. Burch was facing a variety of challenges that were keeping his practice from achieving its fullest potential. Significant overhead costs, deficiencies in managerial leadership and declining staff morale were causing struggle. Their infusion center was also contributing to their difficulties. It was clear that a dramatic change and encouragement was necessary for operational and financial survival of the practice.

Eggleston & Eggleston provided a comprehensive statement of services and helped the practice understand each step, including an immediate need to streamline staffing. They provided clear guidance and allotment of time for each phase of their recommendations.

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When I transitioned to an independent practice, Eggleston & Eggleston helped with the transition. We wanted a local company to handle all aspects of the practice. When we have a question about something we just have to make one phone call, and we receive a response right away. Rich is competent; he has strong business skills and a broad knowledge base. He has quality people working for him, and they can do what they say because they have the resources and ability to back it up.”
– Marc Swanson, MD ~ Pain Management

Eggleston & Eggleston understands what needs to be done to improve a business, and they work tirelessly to accomplish it. Eggleston & Eggleston was essential to many of our business accomplishments, and we owe them a great debt of gratitude. I recommend them without any reservation.”
– H. C. Berding, MD ~ Anesthesiologist

I engaged E & E for their experience and expertise as well as their ability to help me as I transitioned into private practice. I would be lost and floundering if left on my own. I would not have known what to do or how to get started, even with the most basic undertakings. E & E is always three steps ahead of me on everything. They anticipate my every need before I even realize I need it. There is nobody else in the area or even the entire valley who I would trust more.”
Mark Taylor, MD ~ Family Medicine

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