Rich is very thorough and extremely professional. He helped organize our business issues from a state of disarray when he arrive to something that is a fine tuned machine. He provides an excellent service and is a good man.”
– William Hooper, MD ~ Orthopedics

We outsourced all of our practice management to Eggleston & Eggleston, from billing to retirement plan management, with excellent results. Having a firm with their expertise is a valuable resource.”
– Charles E. Clark, MD ~ Anesthesiologist

We began working with Eggleston & Eggleston three or four years ago and have received excellent service. We’ve been very pleased.”
– G. Michael Patterson, MD ~ Urologist

Our firm started with Rich when he was with a different company, but we were so impressed with his service that we switched when he opened Eggleston & Eggleston. He has helped us through tough contract negotiations and is diligent in following up on any collections. We’ve been so impressed that when the administrator of a new Ob/Gyn firm called and asked us for our opinion, we wholeheartedly recommended Eggleston & Eggleston.”
– Neil A. Macdonald, MD ~ Anesthesiologist

With Eggleston & Eggleston, our collection rates are among the best in the business. They are energetic, proactive and alert to any type of problem that you might imagine. We can call one day with an issue and by the next day, it’s taken care of. You can’t get any better. They do a fantastic job.”
– David E. Thompson, MD ~ Anesthesiologist

When I decided to move my practice from Beckley to Blacksburg, Rich was the first call I made. My wife was expecting, and since she was both my physician’s assistant and office manager, I knew I needed someone who could handle every detail and get things done right. I have a boutique practice—I’m an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and work with high performance athletes. When I moved, I wanted to be up and running in my new practice within eight weeks, and everyone told me it couldn’t be done. But Rich handled everything, from getting malpractice insurance to filling out hospital staff paperwork to completely getting the office ready. When I walked in the door the first day, I was completely staffed, the phones were ringing, and I had a full schedule of patients. Frankly, without Rich, that would have been impossible. He’s like a concierge at the Ritz Carlton, not the Holiday Inn. But he’s worth every penny.”
– Joseph Prudhomme, MD ~ Orthopedic Surgeon

Whatever I need, Rich does. He is a good negotiator. I used to think you just took whatever the insurance company offered but I learned from Rich you have to negotiate and he does a very good job at that. Over the years, Rich has made very good deals on my behalf and has made my life 100% easier. Rich is a nice guy, he communicates well and always volunteers to help more. He is aggressive with collecting and works very hard. For the amount he collects, his charges are very reasonable. He knows what he’s doing and has a lot of experience working with big groups.”
– Farid Dakermandji, MD ~ Anesthesiologist

I was at an established practice where billing was provided by one company and compliance by another. When I transitioned to an independent practice, Eggleston & Eggleston helped me with the transition. We wanted a local company to handle all aspects of the practice. When we have a question we just make one phone call, and we receive a response right away. Eggleston & Eggleston’s billing process, and the data they provide, has allowed us to look more closely at our operations and to track our performance. Eggleston & Eggleston brings with them substantial experience. They do what they say, and they are accountable. They are truly helping us define our practice. Rich is competent; he has strong business skills and a broad knowledge base. He has quality people working for him, and they have the resources they need to get the job done. Rich keeps us on our toes and focused on our goals.”
– Marc Swanson, MD ~ Pain Management

When I started my practice, I wanted to be the doctor and wanted someone to assist me with contracts, lawyers, insurance — someone to totally get me going. I had heard really good things about Rich. I went with him hoping for the best and I got the best. Rich is great about keeping me on track. Things come up all the time and we say ‘we need Rich’s input on that.’ It’s very comforting to know he’s here. I have had some challenging situations come up and Rich has been right there. He is very much a physician advocate. I feel like I have a champion in him.”
 Allison Divers, MD ~ Dermatologist

I was looking for somebody that has an outstanding reputation and great integrity in the billing and accounting process. It would have been an almost insurmountable task to set up my practice without the assistance of Rich and his staff. Working with Eggleston & Eggleston made it possible for me to venture out on my own. After working with three other management groups while working in private practice, Eggleston & Eggleston is absolutely the best I have encountered.”
Del Bolin, MD ~ Sports Medicine

Our business was one of Eggleston & Eggleston’s first clients. They have been the epitome of professionalism since our first meeting. They know what needs to be done to improve a business, and they work tirelessly to accomplish it. Eggleston & Eggleston was essential to many of our business accomplishments, and we owe them a great debt of gratitude. I recommend them without any reservation.”
– H. C. Berding, MD ~ Anesthesiologist

E&E has worked with us from the start. We received a request from Medicare for an audit. They were trying to discover and pattern and E&E was ready for anything. There is no way of knowing ahead of time what to expect, but because of E&E, we were ready for it. They are the ones you want calling the plays in the huddle.”

– Dennis Garvin, MD ~ Urologist

Eggleston & Eggleston really takes care of the financial aspects of compiling information, completing analysis, and making recommendations. We didn’t need a full time practice manager, and E & E has tailored their services to meet our needs allowing us to save a lot of money. Their willingness to work with me at this personalized level was a big selling point. They are easy to reach and responsive to our needs. Since we engaged E & E, they have facilitated changes in our personnel policies that we knew needed attention. We did not have the experience to do this on our own, and it was helpful to have someone that could let us know what others in the industry were doing. They have a big picture view of the industry that allows us to make sound management decisions. E & E truly understands that one size does not fit all. Each group is unique, and they really work to get to know your practice.”
– Julie Plumbley, MD ~ Pathologist

I engaged E & E for their experience and expertise as well as their ability to help me as I transitioned into private practice. I would be lost and floundering if left on my own. I would not have known what to do or how to get started, even with the most basic undertakings. E & E is always three steps ahead of me on everything. They anticipate my every need before I even realize I need it. Without them I would still be struggling to put it all together and completely clueless. In transitioning to a private practice, you are out there on your own confronted for the first time with a bunch of technical issues and needs that you have no idea how to solve. There is nobody else in the area or even the entire valley who I would trust more.”
Mark Taylor, MD ~ Family Medicine

Eggleston & Eggleston manages our collections freeing us up to spend more time with our patients. During our time with E & E, we have had a couple of doctors retire and we have hired new doctors. E & E made the entire retirement and hiring process run smoothly. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending E & E to any group. Rich is the kind of person who aggressively takes command and gets things done. He grabs the bull by the horns! As a management firm, E & E is staffed with extremely skilled individuals. They are efficient, and they take care of things right away. The entire staff is so pleasant that when we talk I feel like we’re old friends. They make me feel at ease and as if there are absolutely no wrong questions. I never hesitate to reach out to Rich, and I know I can call with absolutely anything; he will figure it out or find a resource that can solve any problem I have. The company has our complete gratitude and appreciation for how they have turned our practice around.
Sherry Jaeger, Administrator

Since working with Eggleston & Eggleston we’ve seen an increase in our collections and a reduction of days in our accounts receivable. We’ve saved money by streamlining our billing and ending our inefficient billing practices. My life has become easier due to the financial reports I receive from Eggleston & Eggleston. They are presented in a decipherable way, and this has helped us improve operations.. Rich has given me a lot of general business advice that has proved to be very helpful.”
– Monty Baylor, MD ~ Pain Management”

We picked E & E for their reputation and attention to detail. As an accounting firm they go above and beyond. They are interested in the success of your business like a partner would be. I would recommend E & E if you want a firm familiar with the healthcare industry, that is fairly priced and goes above and beyond. While we deal some with Rich, Rose is our main office contact and she does an excellent job.”
– Michael Heifferon, Administration

Rich and his staff have been most supportive of our company and our efforts to recover the outstanding A/R of his clients. The team effort we have experienced with Eggleston & Eggleston encourages our collection specialist and this synergy assures his clients of an increased net back. As a collection agency providing service to Rich’s clients, I can confirm that he respectfully holds us accountable to collect the most for his clients while protecting their good public image.”
– Trish Young, Creditors Collection Service

I’ve had a personal and business relationship with Rich for almost twenty years and in that time I have never been let down. He is a hard worker and goes the extra mile for his client. It’s been a pleasure working with Eggleston & Eggleston because they believe in getting things done efficiently and effectively.”
– Steven Thompson, Professional Risk Associates

E and E is fearless in its revenue cycle management. Rich Eggleston delivers a concierge type of management service. He is able to meet the demands of every aspect of practice management from human relations to billing and collections to contract negotiation. He is proactive and progressive.”
C. Buckley Gillock, MD ~ Urologist

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