Expert, Targeted Compliance-Related Services

Eggleston & Eggleston’s RAC Assistance Services are designed to help you meet and overcome the challenges imposed by RACs. Inaccurate coding has been found to be one of the top areas of improper payments. Eggleston & Eggleston can reduce your vulnerability by putting tools and processes in place to catch these errors before claims are submitted.

We will help you prepare for RACs and increased Medicare auditing activity through establishing systems to timely respond to RAC record requests, monitoring areas that may be subject to RAC review, implementing compliance efforts and monitoring claim denials. The evolving health care industry requires a proactive approach in order to anticipate and address continuous changes. Our experience and information helps you protect your practice and position it for the future. 

Each service below may be customized into a package to meet your needs.

RAC Risk Assessment

  • Evaluation of areas most impacted by RACs
  • Charge master & super bill design review
  • Systems review
  • Appeals process overview
  • Denials management
  • Outsourcing arrangements

Documentation Improvement Program

  • Management & clinical staff review
  • Quality assurance services
  • Educational sessions

RAC Response Services

  • Primary notification service
  • Identify & train response team members
  • Develop policies for pursuing RAC appeals
  • Tracking of findings & appeals

RAC Appeals Assistance

  • Set up of effective processes
  • Appeals analysis
  • Monitor success rates

“Utilizing Eggleston & Eggleston’s expertise and experience to train physicians and their staff could prevent serious and costly consequences from over-billing and prevent loss of revenue from under-billing.”
— Penny Gross ~ Paralegal


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