medical practice management Roanoke VAWinter’s clean, cold breezes may be the ideal climate for some innovations in your medical practice. Capitalizing upon Eggleston & Eggleston’s experience in strategic medical practice management, this is the perfect time to breathe new life into your medical practice’s marketing strategy. But where to start? We found four tips to help jump-start your winter marketing makeover.

Renew Essential Relationships: Have a Friendly “Chat” with Your Patients

Methods of chatting take many forms. Send your patients a thank you note letting them know how much you appreciate them. Without them, nothing is possible.

Have you added new services or hours to your practice? Send a postcard letting your patients in on these changes. This is also a great way to touch base with prospective clients and share with them the unique advantages of your practice.

Send friendly emails letting patients know which specials and promotions your practice offers during the holidays and afterward. Be selective, though; take care not to overwhelm your patients with cards and emails.

Whistle While You Work: Spruce Up Your Website

Many of your patients feel like family. Freshen things up so when they visit your website, they find up-to-date and entertaining information. Inform them of new health or insurance-related tips. Share with them information learned at a recent seminar.

Have you added to your staff team? Have some members left the practice? Patients enjoy being in the know. Photos accompanying these stories are added bonuses!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Bring in a Marketing Team to Help

Fresh, professionally-trained eyes help you see what is no longer working among your marketing strategies. Marketing teams are experts at updating and revitalizing your web content; educating you about the latest technologies, and tuning you into the latest social-media marketing trends.

A healthy practice is constantly growing and evolving. An external marketing team helps you spread the word about these positive changes by developing an excellent advertising game plan.

Healthcare is a hot topic in today’s world, with so much political attention surrounding it. Your marketing team will help you identify the specific areas which matter most to your patients and target these in a marketing campaign.

Rev up Your Branding to Keep Business Hot This Winter

Do use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn to exhibit your branding. Make sure that your look is consistent from site to site, as varying designs on the different platforms of your business are confusing.

Regarding your brochures, business cards and flyers, now is the time to newly mint your printed items. Freshen them up with a more current and eye-catching style.

If you want the best for your medical practice, you will not want to put off the freshening and polishing of your media presentation. When it comes to your website, your email and your mobile site, now is the time to remodel your marketing technology with an updated, distinct and fashionable design.

Eggleston & Eggleston realizes the long hours and absolute dedication of medical business professionals. We have helped many, many medical practices and hospitals with what may seem at first glance the “rough sledding” of creating cost-effective marketing innovations. Please contact us at (540) 345-3556 or complete our brief online form to request a complimentary half-hour telephone consultation regarding the state of your practice, and how we can help grow it by coordinating your marketing efforts.